And The Baby Wore Red

I want to be clear this is not a celebration. I do not hold with that much disrespect. However when my daughter asks what we did on the day they gave Thatcher a state funeral that cost 10 million, here is what I will say:

'In the area you were born and lived we were faced with a tough decision very early on because there weren't enough schools. We agonised all the time about selling your first home & moving area to somewhere smaller, with no garden but with a school nearby. The schools in the area had been closed down or neglected due to lack of funds or changed into academies due to lack of vision. The answer was always 'there's not enough money for a new school'. 1/3rd of children in the area did not have a school place next year and you were soon to become part of that growing number. 10 million would build 3 schools.

So we wore red.'