Sew Sew

When I was pregnant, my mum was contacted by someone doing a house clearance with the words 'your daughter is a crafty person isn't she?' In between food blenders and kitchen tools I gleefully discovered that there was a sewing machine. I've always wanted to sew and was expecting a 'nesting phase' as I got to the end of my pregnancy. Gladly I took the sewing machine and anticipated home made curtains hanging in our new home. 

Well..... things went awry. Our baby was impatient, the house was a disaster and the sewing machine has been sat, unloved for well over a year. I felt sad and desperate about this unloved craft tool. 

Until today!

I finally pulled it out, took at it and checked all the parts are there. What do you know, this was a crafter who loved her tools! All the original pieces are still tucked in neatly in the little drawer and I can feel where it's been oiled and maintained. Now just to figure things out. First stop, find a manual. I've got the model number....

What do you suggest I should start with?