La La check over

Today in my Facebook feed there are numerous women posting selfies of themselves wearing no make up in the hope of raising awareness of Breast Cancer. It's a thing going around and amongst the comments of 'oh you look amazing without make up', I've yet to see anyone mention this simple thing: CHECK YOUR BOOBS. I'm all about awareness raising (Hello Movember) but let's get real here, make up is not the issue. 

So today is all about checking your breasts. 

I spent this week waiting for news from a friend who found a lump. Two years ago I found a lump and received excellent care from the Macmillan Cancer team who were all too aware that I had a baby growing in my belly. I was lucky. Another of my friends is currently living a longer and more complicated story than mine and I hope, really hope that this one has a lucky ending too.  Despite these 3 horror stories I'm still rubbish at remembering to check on a regular basis and whenever such prompts crop up, I do remember and if it's the wrong time of the month, I set an alarm to remind myself. 

Here's a handy dandy image to help show you what to do. if you click on it, you'll be whizzed through to a breast examination advice page. 




psssssst. Fellas, don't think I've forgotten you. Linkage for you too is right here x