Material Matters

So I blogged about some of my sewing prep and I thought I'd share some bounty that I managed to get, free of charge, to play with. Perhaps you have some ideas of what these want to be when they grow up? I'd appreciate any ideas, I really would. 

First I have a pile of tshirts and slightly daunting stretchy material. These will be good for tshirt skirts, headbands and just torn into strips to learn stitches on I suspect. I have some sheets for stitch practice (not photographed because hey, even I'm not that excited about white sheets) so I'd like to make these useful. Patch pockets are a thing maybe?

Then there's some fat quarters I'd forgotten that I was gifted a few Christmases ago. No clue there but the prints are fun right?

Next I found some things that I want to make better.... I think if I were a hip and knowledgeable sewing blogger I would say something cool like 'refashion' but I'm clueless. I'll just say I want these Gaga sleeves off and the dress back in the rotation as this is a great dress, with pockets (POCKETS!!!!) that should be back in the rotation. 

Then I scored a Liberty print shirt. Yep. That feels pretty special so I'm saving that for a few practices in when I've worked a few seams etc and have less chance of ruining something with a Liberty label. I'm guessing that once I'm at that point, it'll mark being ready to actually buy some materials instead of thrifting. Still, it feels satisfying to work with free and unloved things. I like it. I think thrifting in itself could become a pretty addictive hobby

There's also this pile of lovely colourful cotton vests that I suspect might be cute bloomers for the Tot or..... something? This is the most fun pile but the one I'd like the most ideas for. Hmmmm more Pinterest I suspect!


Have you done any upcycling? I'd love to know about your thrifty sewing!