True Brit Knits do Journals!

Some of you might remember that I talked about the awesomeness of True Brit Knits amazing knitting journals a few podcasts ago. Remember? Jen AC and I geeked out at Belinda who was a great sport and sent one home with me after Unravel. They're awesome and I've been waiting till they're available to purchase before I flaunt mine in front of you all. I'm a good friend, no?

Firstly these journals are stylish, slim and so retro. I want to keep one of these in my desk at school Miss. Seriously, how much do I love the useful squares inside? LOTS. 

Open the notebook and inside there's a handy dandy ruler. I'm always short of a measuring tape despite having several and this is just inspired as far as I'm concerned. 

It doesn't stop there either. Also inside the cover, you will find a list of common stitches and abbreviations for reference. The last few pages are perforated so you can tear them out and stick in elsewhere and the whole thing just screams 'knitting journal full of awesomeness'!

Interested? Well the link just went up over on the True Brit Knits website (also, go check out their patterns, I'm currently lusting after a Highland Bling. Get ready to make notes on your future design sensation!