Yes I did it. 


This post was going to start with me waxing lyrical about the wonders of the Bullet Journal system and tell you all about how AMAZING I felt after organising my life into said journal. Do you know what happened today though? I lost a day. Yup. Been thinking it's the 31st alllllll day. 


Sometimes organisation can only get you so far. 


Anyway.... here's my take on the Bullet Journalling I described in the previous podcast. If you'd like to join in this month with any ideas you have for your own journalling please come join in the thread I'm setting up in the Playful Group on Ravelry. I'm even going to stickie it because I am that organised now. Don't let my day loss fool you, I'm totally on it. I'm going to review how it went at the end of this month (which I do actually know is April now) and see how it went. 


If you need more structure, here's how I tweaked it for me: 


First I assembled all the notebooks I had already scrawled in (there were many), various pens, stickies, a fresh journal and a half chewed cookie. It was cranberry and white chocolate and I felt it was crucial to the session. 

Essentials and non essential essential cookie. 

Essentials and non essential essential cookie. 

Like the Bullet Journal, I created the first page as an index and the next page I began the numbering for the calendar. HOWEVER, I spread this across an additional page (I chose 2 consecutive lefts) and made the second page a running quota of bookings vs childcare. I find this is the thing that has been consistently flooring me each month. At the start of each month, if I'm not even remotely square with childcare I need to address that asap. 

The exciting details that make up my weeks. No really, welcome to my brain dump

The exciting details that make up my weeks. No really, welcome to my brain dump

Then I started my bullets. Or at least I planned to because this was all going to start on the 1st and I would be uber organised (April Fooool's!). I put a sticky note (I love these happy bits of paper) in to remind myself of other things I'm going to add. An event circle as outlined in the Bullet Journal is now things of note that happened I want to record. Events in my calendar are more planning and work related. Then I have hearts (corny I know but they're easy to draw) for things I'm truly grateful for. Today's was a first sentence 'More cuddles Mummy!' 

So then I thought about this 'collections' part where the lists on steroids get organised. Due to freelancing I often work with several people on several projects at once. It's like a bajillion moving parts that need to be thought of today and in 6 months. I often need to chat to editors about a project and do the press release and make the test knits happen and...... you get the idea.

I handled this by placing all the notes I had collected over the last 6 months, under headings for each lovely indie I work with, in one uber list. As I was starting at the back, I lettered these. 

journal 5.jpg

I also wrote some incredibly long and painful lists such as 'work to do on the house'. One day I'll blog about our house project when it doesn't make me shake and tremble like a dog terrified of fireworks. For now, there's a list on super steroids that's holding all the things that make me stressed. Many of these lists will have multiple letters (some already do) but now everything I'm juggling has a place and I can refer to that list and draw things off when I'm writing my daily bullets. 

What I noticed, and as you can see from yet another sticky, I was finding things out as I went that made me love Bullet Journalling even more. As I filled in the calendar for example, I noticed I didn't have some vital dates on things like cancelled swim classes, so I emailed straight away- no need to even write a bullet. There was a family birthday- a sticky saying 'bullets needed!' went in. I also filled out my monthly budgeting sheet in super fast time because I knew how many bookings I could handle thanks to the child care situation. 

I'm seriously in love. Do you want to join in? Look for the sticky in the group. No one mention that I lost a day despite the ANSWER. Ok?


ps Journal lovers will love the next post I'm featuring. Serious. 

pps Thanks to these feats of organisation, I might just have some recipe content organised too!!