Your Guilty Pleasures?

Yesterday, over dinner, The Giant tipped me off to this wonderful post from food writer and chef Jay Rayner. We actually live down the road from him and often see him perusing the local farmer's markets etc and I have to admit I love to peek and see what he's buying. That's my first confession over with!

The discussion lingered happily around food guilty pleasures and I chuckled at his fried chicken habit (he's certainly in the right area for it, South Londoners love their fried chicken) but BURNT TOAST???? BURNT. TOAST! I was horrified. 

I am very fussy when it comes to toast. The Giant regularly mocks me that I don't toast it at all just heat it enough for the butter to melt. The minute it is dark brown, it's ruined as far as I'm concerned. I was alarmed that such a thing was even allowed. 

It was a pretty animated conversation around the dinner table as the Playful Tot stole as many cucumber pieces as she could while we weren't paying enough attention. Guilty pleasures and food might be the best conversation for a meal time. The Tot obliged by asking regularly for 'chips' (the carb monster has rumbled this wonderful crunchy soft dinner item, sigh). 

We have a friend who is horrified by what he sees as a very middle class habit: people who sit discussing other meals they have had recently while eating a meal. I'm not convinced this is a class thing so much as a gluttony thing. From very working class roots myself I can remember many meals where we talked eagerly about the lovely fish and chips we had on our seaside jolly last year or the fact I just love brown sauce in a sausage sarnie. 

Food discussions while eating food is probably MY guiltiest pleasure. I'm a glutton. What can I say?