Time for Harvest CAL (#harvestcal14) (#APDpodcastcal14)

It's the 1st of September and so that means- we are GO!!!

I was going to kick things off with a lovely post here about the bulbs the Tot and I planted, ready for some Autumn flowering and early Spring but this afternoon I watched in horror as a family of squirrels ate the lot so I can't quite bring myself to somehow. Instead I'm pondering squirrel pie....


Ways to participate: 
Come on over to the chatty thread in the Playful Group on Ravelry where we talk about our efforts during September. Chat on here will be inclusive, fun and multicraftal. I will hit the random number generator on 30th September and a chatty group member will get a prize) 

Ripening Fruits: (#ripeningfruits) This can be those long languishing wips that need finishing to wear this Autumn or harvesting from your garden. Possibly a book that you’ve dropped off reading and wanted to finish. Tell us your story and finish off that process! 
New Flavours: (#newflavours) Got a new technique you want to have a go this knitting season? A new cake  recipe to try? Are you planting out bulbs or diving into a new book? Tell us! All I ask is you roughly link it to Fall/ Autumn.

If you’re playing along via social media you now have those hashtag thingies. One for your category and one just for the cal/ podcast. I’ll come find you guys too via those hastags on the 30th and there will be a social media prize so don’t forget to tag!

I've just created the FO thread and I’m going to ask you to enter ONCE but you can edit that post to add all that you’ve been doing. So you can enter cakes, bakes and reads along with your sweater. There will be a prize for that non chatty thread too.


Off to start writing up the prize details...!!