We Made it Work!

I've spoken before about creative hangovers: that feeling of so much inspiration following a night with other creatives that you are tired and energised all at once by it. Well last night, Twitter blew up with amazing voices from the fibre industry sharing their thoughts and ideas on how to #makeitwork. To say I have a creative hangover as a result is an understatement. That was intense!

I want to thank our amazing panel and Karie for taking time out of their busy lives to show up and offer insight and tips. I also want to shout out a massive thank you to everyone who came, contributed and lurked (yes, we heard you breathing!)

We storified the process so there's a record for everyone who wants to revisit it or just missed out (isn't tech great?) and are giving serious consideration to the invitation to repeat the process. I loved hearing people's ideas and here's a selection of some of my highlights from last night's chat:

Donna Druchunas@druchunas

@annidomino @aplayfulday Think of a non-creative p/t job as a "dream funder" while you build up your biz. #makeitwork



Q2: Always looking ahead! No matter the failures in the past, we always have a blank canvas with the next project :) #makeitwork



Q2: We treat it like a serious job. It just so happens that it's one we really like doing 



Q3: If someone inspires you, reach out to them. You'll hopefully be able to do something for someone else further down the road #makeitwork


I think last night really confirmed a few things for me: sharing is such an important part of freelance work and also, this industry is full of people very committed to a 'network' that actually resembles more of a community where colleagues are friends and comrades to the creative process. I know I'm going to take that with me today as I work.