A Tidal Wave of Food

The thing about writing and podcasting about your creative, practical life is that you need time to actually do these things. Over the last few weeks, life kind of happened and I was struggling to get anything fun done. The podcast deadline was looming and I has this haunted look of a woman exposed. 'I'm not creating!' is all I kept thinking. 

Strangely, it was the catalyst I needed to work something new into the podcast. I looked back at my knitting and realised it takes a village to make a knitter. What does that mean? Well there's so much influence and persuasion about what to knit and at different phases of your knitting life you will linger of some of those influences longer than others. I really enjoyed pressing pause and mulling over my previous projects as it reminded me that I do actually create and make when I give myself the time to do so. 

Encouraged, I wrote up shownotes and began thinking about things to include food wise.... then it hit me. I was in the house on my own for a long amount of time. Why wasn't I making?

Stay tuned for this amazing soup recipe- it was amazing. Did I mention amazing?

Stay tuned for this amazing soup recipe- it was amazing. Did I mention amazing?

Soup followed...

Closely followed by some very delicious raspberry bars...

Rounded off nicely with banana choc chip cookies... (heartfelt plea- can anyone get their hands on Cinnamon Chips from Hersheys? These cookies used up my last and every stockist in the UK is sold out!!!!!! Help?)

And the risotto we ate for dinner. 

Sometimes the hardest thing is finding the time to create and when you start, it's like opening the floodgates and it opens you up to everything you missed.



Lots of blog content to come, including soup recipes. messy play fun and maybe even darning. Yup, I have sewing needles and am going to attempt to use them. Wowsers.