Just a Card

The joy of a handwritten card or note is something I've already passed on to the Tot. My family take great delight in dropping little cards to her in the mail that she greets with glee upon discovery. We mail out little masterpieces she's created and so when I thought about hosting a letter swap, I felt sure it would inspire lots of other people too. 

Something caught my eye while I was noodling around on the internet recently that made me think further about the importance of a card. 'Just A Card' is a new campaign being led by the very talented Sarah Hamilton and supported by Mollie Makes magazine as well as The Design Trust. It's a simple idea- buying a card (or other little trinket) on the highstreet might be just the action we could all take in order to support some of our favourite shops and galleries. 

Just a Card poster

I'm really excited about this campaign and will be following along and sharing my little purchases and using the hashtag #Justacard too. 

Perhaps your letter swap might include something fun and local to spread this message further?