Wips and Blooms- July 2015

It's been a month since I committed to this creative challenge on Instagram and I have really enjoyed the results. Nothing fills me with joy more than being tagged to a picture of someone's happy moment. This month was a riot of seasonal colours and a few cooling moments ducked inside away from the summer heat in the northern hemisphere. I loved it. 

wips and blooms July 2015

wips and blooms July 2015

Here's a round up of just a few of my favourites- it was really hard to limit myself to just five! I particularly liked the strawberries in korutumi's and the crisp white linens in the background from Daniela. I feel so summery just looking at these pretty pictures. 

wipsandblooms July 2015

Top left: @devonsunyarns

Top Right: @korutumi

Middle: @docksjo

Bottom Left: @danielaknits

Bottom Right: @melliferamel

Thank you to everyone who joined in. I coast by the hashtag regularly as a little breath of fresh air on busy days. It makes my heart glad to see so much appreciation of the seasonal colours around people as they work. It feels like a special sort of mindfulness to craft and take note of the change around us. 


Want to join in? It's simple. Snap a pic of your favourite blooms with your current work in progress and share with the hashtag #wipsandblooms. If you can tag me (@aplayfulday) that would be even better because I'm sure to know you're playing along when I get a notification. Also, it means other people discover that this is happening and want to join in- more pretties for us to feast our eyes on and be inspired by!

I'm not fussy, it can be any of your making and any bloom. Show me what's making your days playful and I'll be back next month with another round up of my favourites!

Happy creating!