My Knit Squad

You know how people online have quite a thing about 'Finding Your Tribe*'? Is it ok to have more than one? I mean, it's good to have a solid group that always, always have your back and that's great but there seems to be this idea that we just have one place. One group. One shot at being 'in' the crowd. It reminds me a little of the idea of meeting your soul mate. 

*Edited to add: the white use of the word 'tribe' is a cultural misappropriation and one that makes me deeply uncomfortable and led to me changing the title of this piece.

My Knit Tribe- My lil sis & daughter. Cuties in knitwear always

My Knit Tribe- My lil sis & daughter. Cuties in knitwear always

I can't help thinking.... what if you never meet them? I mean, what are the chances? What if you never meet The One? Or in this case, The Ones? God all those wasted wine evenings on cold sofas, empty of your raucous laughter. Hideous

Maybe, just maybe, we're addicted to cliques. It's a high school thing, I'm sure of it. We want to fit. God above, who hasn't wanted to fit at least once a week? I mean, even if we have a don't-give-a-damn-attitude, there's always some little niggle somewhere that it won't always feel so damn hard to be part of a thing. Right?

Well, my crowd is.... eclectic. In my favourite group of people are bloggers, photographers, designers, writers, activists, social misfits (totally a job title), graphic designers, coffee drinkers (if that's a job, can I have it please?), shop owners, PAs, tattoo artists and a whole manner of things. We are a jumbled bunch of magical beings who trip over cracks in the pavement and giggle at being so clumsy and sometimes forget to renew our library books. 

You know who I have a soft spot for though...?

The knitters. 

Knitters send you a shawl because you once podcast about cold mornings and needing some comfort.

Morning Pages  Shawl by Louise Tilbrook

Morning Pages Shawl by Louise Tilbrook

They knit a tunic for your daughter, knowing you'd never have time to make it. 

Magnolia Tunic  by Josh Moll

Magnolia Tunic by Josh Moll

Knitters know the power of their work and the heartfelt, beautiful sentiment of it all. They just see others who know the beauty of what they've created. We offer our love in every damn stitch and it's amazing. When someone shrink washes a shawl, we quietly scratch them from the special gift list and give them a pair of shop bought socks. (Our greatest insult)

I have so much love for knitters. I'm quietly confident that given this threat of nuclear war, we shall inherit earth and rule them all with our ability to make from our own bare hands. We are bad asses. We really are an apocalyptic powerhouse. 

Love to the knitters. You absolutely will inherit the earth, I'm sure of it. ~x