In Praise of the Handmade Sweater

Is it too late to persuade you to make a New Year's Resolution?

I mean, on the whole, I'm anti-resolution because to be honest, life is just too short to setting myself up for disappointment as an annual event. However, if you were thinking about taking up a new hobby, perhaps leaning towards a little crafting, may I make a strong case here for knitting yourself a sweater?

handknit sweater

Just think about the magic of making your own sweater. You take two sticks and a ball of wool (ok, maybe a few more than a ball might be involved) and stitch by stitch, a sweater emerges from your efforts. An entire garment can be created by learning a few simple bits of hand wizaardry and you repeat them enough, over a long enough period that you get sleeves and holes to put your head through and hems and.... oh it's the stuff of magic!

What's more? It's all for you. 

handknit sweater

Every last bit of it was made with you in mind, just how you wanted it to be. Sure, things might go awry and you might need to make another just to prove you can but you are creating clothing! You are the mistress of your destiny and that is something to be excited about, right?

You may have guessed by now that I finished my first sweater for a while. I'm always so in awe of sweaters when I make them. I'm yet to make THE sweater but I continue to chase that dream. To have a favourite sweater and it to be the one you knit? Oh that would be magical indeed. 

This one had the best foundations I could give it: the Daelyn Sweater pattern by Isabel Kraemer knit with The Fibre Co.'s Cumbria yarn. What I loved about this project was the ease of it. Intuitive increases to make the necessary shapes and the Cumbria yarn makes a fabric that's bouncy, warm and everything a sweater needs to feel like. I've even uploaded details about it to Ravelry I felt so happy about it and I chatted about it a fair amount on the podcast episode for Patreon subscribers. 

Daelyn Sweater by Isabell Kraemer

Sweater fandom. It's a thing.