An Invitation on a Knitting Adventure

Sometimes the best feedback we receive is when it comes from people we truly admire.

(c) 6 Bits Storybooks

(c) 6 Bits Storybooks

This happened a couple of months ago when Mel invited me to be a creative part of 6 Bits Storybooks. I've long admired the positive energy that Mel puts out into the world and I've shared a few of her designs here with you all before. She has a mindfulness that I find really inspiring and have been trying to include into my own daily routine. When she asked if I would be a regular story teller, I was nervous and unsure. With a little hand holding though I have stepped forward and now the words are pouring out thick and fast. 

I can't wait to share them with you.

(c) 6 Bits Storybooks

(c) 6 Bits Storybooks

6 Bits is an exciting innovation in knitting publications from the journey of story tellers: knitters, photographers, writers, designers, friends and nature. 6 Bits is a digital quarterly for knitters who love to immerse themselves deeply in their knitting experience, inviting both readers and contributors to make new discoveries and meaningful connections with yarn providers, designers, writers and the creative community around them, paying close attention to the origin of all the elements that are integral parts.

If you visit 6 Bits Storybooks today, you will be able to read a little insight into how my love for storytelling first began. I'm so honoured to be a part of this gathering of women who want to open up and share their individual knit journeys with you. 

I hope you will join us. Subscriptions are already available and the first issue, Unearth, is released on 15th October 2015. 

For the Love of Writing

A few nights ago I was melancholy. There were various events over the last week that left me listless, dissatisfied and a little emotionally raw. In the past I kept a journal which I poured my soul into but having stopped the habit years ago, picking up a pen now feels overwhelming.  I felt like that was what I needed though and while the blog helps my urge to write and tell tales, I don't have that same release any more.  

I started at an empty page wondering where to start. I needed to work through, cataloguing things to find a pattern, a catalyst and hopefully reach a resolution. I didn't know how to any more though. I was overwhelmed by the words I suddenly didn't have and still, there was this noise in the background, making it hard to focus. I wanted it out so I could move on. Nothing BIG was wrong. I was just blue and struggling to move on. 

So I put out a plea via Twitter, Instagram and Ravelry and found others who kept journals. A few different systems were suggested:

- Bullet Journalling (I NEED this in my life too, also I need something reflective too though..... how to incorporate?)
- One thousand Gifts. (while not religious myself, I found the idea of finding joy in each day interesting.... this could easily be included in the Bullet Journal format)
- Every few days, writing highlights and notes, collecting pages, adding details through tickets or photographs (note: I would love a polaroid for just this reason)
- 5 year diaries. A small note each day that you return to year after year. My grandfather has done this for decades. I hope to inherit these as I understand the preciousness of the daily act. 
- A journal with additional clips and sticky notes, colour coded for different types of note such as knitting, anxiety and shopping lists. I liked this idea a lot. 
- Doodles, yarn swatches and a visual index of things that have provoked a reaction. 
- Journals with prompts such as quotes or images already on the pages.
- Describing your immediate setting as a way to launch a meditative entry. 

I've been left with lots of ideas that I like so I wanted to share them with you. I might try and develop a 'system' and share it again, inviting you to join me. 

Do you write? And if so, how? Come tell us over in the group. There's more than just me who'd appreciate the inspiration I can assure you!

New Articles!

Not one but TWO magazines arrived on my doorstep yesterday, heralding the news that two new articles were just published. Great stuff.

The first is about Anna Maltz, a fabulously talented designer that I know as a friend but who also happens to be involved in lots of fun things, including the Ricefield Collective. You can catch that in the most recent issue of pom pom magazine


The next is a feature about the lovely Asti and her set up with Juno Fibre Arts. I had the pleasure of visiting Asti last summer and really enjoyed writing this article for The Knitter. You can find that in Issue 67.

Happy reading!