Guest Post: DIY Natural Deodorant

Since thinking about sustainable products and routines, I've been thinking a lot about the beauty and health products I use. Making your own beauty products seemed like a pretty good way to cut down on packaging, avoid products tested on animals and stop this constant state of anxiety that I seem to get myself into every time I stare perplexed at the array of choices in the beauty aisle! When I interviewed Jen of 'My Make Do and Mend Life' for the podcast last month, she mentioned she makes her own deodorant and my ears pricked. I'm giving this a go as I already have all the items in my cupboards.

I love the idea of cheap beauty ideas that are all natural!

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"I have been making my own deodorant for a couple of years now, ever since we spent a year Buying Nothing New. Not only have I saved money, and reduced the amount of waste I’m sending to landfill, I know exactly what I am putting onto my skin, AND I still have friends…!

My motivation when searching for a homemade deodorant recipe, was during a ‘Rubbish Diet’, when I was trying to reduce the amount of rubbish that we was going into our black bin every fortnight. I have to confess that I was massively sceptical that I would find something that would actually work. I assumed that anything I could make at home would never be as effective as something I could buy. And I also assumed that it would probably need lots of weird and wonderful ingredients that would be difficult to source.

I asked on the blog if anyone had any good recipes to share, and was surprised when one of my ‘real life’ friends got in touch to share her recipe.  I gathered together the ingredients (most of which I already had at home) and spent a grand total of about 5 minutes making my first batch. Then with some trepidation I tried it out…

And it worked!

Make Your Own Natural Deodorant

Make Your Own Natural Deodorant

Here’s the recipe, if you want to try it too:

  • 6-8 tablespoons of coconut oil
  • ¼- ½  cup of bicarbonate of soda
  • ¼ cup of cornflour
  • 8-10 drops of essential oils of your choice (optional)

This is the easiest make ever!

  1. In a largish bowl, mash all the ingredients together using a fork until well combined. You are aiming for a smooth paste.
  2. Decant into a suitable container-I re-use a cleaned out body moisturiser tub, which is just about the right size.
  3. To use it, scoop up a small amount on the end of your index finger, and apply! You only need the tiniest bit, and the coconut oil melts at body temperature, so it goes on really smoothly.

You may to play around a little bit with the ratios of the ingredients, to get it to suit you. For example, my own personal version of this is: 8 tablespoons of coconut oil, ¼ cup bicarb, ¼ cup cornflour, and 5 drops each of lemon verbena, and tea tree essential oils. I find if I use more bicarb it can be a little astringent, and cause some redness and irritation. 

I just use cornflour from the supermarket, and you can also buy coconut oil and bicarb there too. As I use bicarb for cleaning, and coconut oil for all kinds of things (moisturiser, and hair conditioner to name two!), I buy both in bulk online from a site called Summer Naturals as it works out cheaper.  

I love this recipe! Each batch takes just minutes to make, and last for several months."


With thanks to Jen for providing this simple to use recipe for homemade deodorant. Do you make any of your beauty products? I'd love to hear them.