A Sweater a Season KAL

Happy New Year! Looking back on my Ravelry notes, it would seem that I am most likely to cast on a sweater in January. It must be something about starting a fresh new year, enough months of cold and enough still to go that I believe I can still knit it in time to wear it. I rarely finish more than one a year but there was a suggestion in the Playful group for a year long sweater KAL that I was convinced by! Will I complete 4 adult sized sweaters? Doubtful. I will, however, have fun!

So in case you've resolved to knit more sweaters in 2015, or wish to join us, I just spent a glorious few days collecting these fab tips and tutorials, all for free, on the internet. Don't you love bloggers who provide such excellent advice? Here's a roundup of some of my fav tips and techniques for getting started with sweater knitting aka how to know it's going to fit!


Flax by TinCanKnits (click on image for pattern link)

Flax by TinCanKnits (click on image for pattern link)


I love everything about this duo from their designs to their inspirational newsletters to their tutorials. In this freebie that ties into the free Flax design, they walk you through step by step, how to knit your first sweater. If you've never knit a sweater, especailly one in the round, this would familiarise you will all the jargon and how best to set about tackling those pattern instructions. It's truly brilliant.



A great blog post all about swatching. The fact she measures repeatedly gave me definite food for thought and she has links to some master knitters she learned from too. A great entry point into why swatching is important. 


Amy Herzog

Queen of the well fitted, custom made sweater. If there's any class I want to do in 2015, it's Amy's custom fit class. I selected from a few goodies she has for you- sizing. I often feel daunted at the point I choose what size I should knit as I'm almost always between sizes. Amy is showing us how to do it. Fear not. 



On bras, getting measured and getting things right underneath that sweater you've just custom fit to your shape. Ladies, are you wearing the right bra? 


Andi modelling Marion (click through link)

Andi modelling Marion (click through link)

Untangling Knots

I adore Andi's blog and have followed it for YEARS. It goes beyond her amazing ability to wear red lipstick without it smudging because this girl can teach you all you need to know about your knitting. The blog post I've chosen to help you get started is understanding ease and she includes information on how to use the schematic in the pattern to work out what's right for you. Brilliant. 


So that's how I'm getting started and I just need to cake my yarn and get measuring and swatching! What will you be casting on?

Time for Harvest CAL (#harvestcal14) (#APDpodcastcal14)

It's the 1st of September and so that means- we are GO!!!

I was going to kick things off with a lovely post here about the bulbs the Tot and I planted, ready for some Autumn flowering and early Spring but this afternoon I watched in horror as a family of squirrels ate the lot so I can't quite bring myself to somehow. Instead I'm pondering squirrel pie....


Ways to participate: 
Come on over to the chatty thread in the Playful Group on Ravelry where we talk about our efforts during September. Chat on here will be inclusive, fun and multicraftal. I will hit the random number generator on 30th September and a chatty group member will get a prize) 

Ripening Fruits: (#ripeningfruits) This can be those long languishing wips that need finishing to wear this Autumn or harvesting from your garden. Possibly a book that you’ve dropped off reading and wanted to finish. Tell us your story and finish off that process! 
New Flavours: (#newflavours) Got a new technique you want to have a go this knitting season? A new cake  recipe to try? Are you planting out bulbs or diving into a new book? Tell us! All I ask is you roughly link it to Fall/ Autumn.

If you’re playing along via social media you now have those hashtag thingies. One for your category and one just for the cal/ podcast. I’ll come find you guys too via those hastags on the 30th and there will be a social media prize so don’t forget to tag!

I've just created the FO thread and I’m going to ask you to enter ONCE but you can edit that post to add all that you’ve been doing. So you can enter cakes, bakes and reads along with your sweater. There will be a prize for that non chatty thread too.


Off to start writing up the prize details...!!

Carol Feller Along Progress

There have been some lovely contributions, chatter and enabling going on over in the Playful Group so I've selected a few lovely projects to share. I'm planning to show some more once the KAL is over too as they're regularly trickling in to tempt and dazzle us whenever we check in to see how everyone is getting on. It's still not too late to join us- there's even prizes just for chattering!

First I'm going to share this rather lovely cardigan knit by Rooboost. It's the Ravi Junior and I just love the contrasty buttons don't you? You can see all the project details here.

I am hugely tempted by this one: the Captiva Wrap which calls for squishy DK. I love this version knit by DebrisUK, the colour is stunning. You can check out her project notes here.

MissLillyKnits kept with the green shawl theme and knit a stunning Centrique. I just think it's so delicate and feminine and makes me pine for Spring.

Then there was a super fast garment, knit in bulky weight by the charmingly lovely Talesfromtheplain (check out her podcast btw). This is the Vivido Cardigan, a really quick and comforting knit. You can see all the project notes here.

As for me? I'm onto the foot of those socks and determined not to lose face!