Guest Post: Tilly Flop

Ever since pom pom released their Winter '14 preview, I've craving afternoons in the pub, reading the food supplements from all of the newspapers and knitting, knitting, knitting. You might be surprised to hear that making this happen with a newly two year old is next to impossible so I hooked up with a fellow knitter and local girl, Julie from TillyFlop and asked her to tell us about her favourite South London spots to knit and indulge.

There's also a fab offer-  FREE P&P in her Etsy shop of craft related wonder until the end of November 2014. Just keep reading down to find the code- Thanks Julie!


Thank you A Playful Day for asking me to share a few of my favourite places around my ‘hood. 

I am lucky enough to live and work around London Bridge and have done so for 20 years now. It really is a fascinating area to live in and so much of it’s earlier history [Bermondsey was London’s main leather working centre] is still apparent in street and building names today: we have The Leather and Wool Exchange, The Leathermarket [sadly now all offices], Morocco Street and Tanner Street … the list goes on and on … though today’s Bermondsey is a far cry from the slum it once was. We now have The Shard on our doorstep, the White Cube has recently opened, but Manze’s Pie and Mash still does a great trade on Tower Bridge Road and every Friday at dawn the antiques market sets up for trading with its history of march overt and though the Design Museum is about to leave, we still have the glorious stretch of river from there to the Royal Festival Hall. 

Just moments from all this wonderful hustle and bustle you will find our spot - and one of my favourite places: appropriately named Simon the Tanner - you’ll find this pub on Long Lane, at the Bermondsey Street end. It’s a proper local boozer and part of a chain of, well, just three. They have a great selection of local draught and bottled beers including the delicious Kernel [a Bermondsey brew]. The food there is simple and tasty … and they also have the bonus attraction of being the location of our Stitch and Bitch nights. And they collect all our remnants at the end of every session and save them … we’re not sure why … 

Another favourite spot I like to hang out [and bearing in mind my knit and textile obsession] is the Fashion and Textile Museum on Bermondsey Street. Now you’d be hard pushed to miss this pink and orange building nestled amongst the council blocks and renovated office spaces. Currently showing a Knitwear exhibition in its gallery space, it also is home to a Tea pod which serves [not unsurprisingly a super range of teas] and lovely food. It also has a small but very well curated shop so it’s an extra bonus to your visit here. And the current exhibition is all about Knitwear … in case you missed that. That’s knitting …

Another favourite place is one I visit almost every day as my studio is right over it and it belongs to a dear friend, Baker & Maker if you like to bake anything from cupcakes and biscuits to show-stopping cakes, I can guarantee you could lose an hour or so here browsing … and maybe leave with rather a large bag. With hundreds and hundreds of different gifts and foodie items, it’s hard not to. And this is another true independent shop which also stocks Tilly Flop cards - well worth a visit [and you don’t have to buy any cards … this time].

And talking of Tilly Flop cards [didn’t you notice how I slipped that one in there?] how do you fancy completely and utterly FREE P&P in my etsy shop until the end of November … and that’s on everything, all over the world … just put in code: APDNOV14. Lots of cards and prints for all you knitterly folk and crafty types, including the new ‘crafty cube’ card .. the first in a series, so watch this space! And everyone who takes up this offer will have their names placed in a woolly hat and the winner will get some extra TillyFlop goodies sent to them in early December ...

So I’m looking forward to bumping into you around the ‘hood … do say hello … and mine’s a pint of Kernel! To keep up with TillyFlop shenanigans, knitterly news, offers and new stuff, wherever you are - pop over to … 

A Little Stocking Filler

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'Planum', (c) Clare Devine

Happy Holidays!