The Life Offscreen Project

Last week I received some special mail that made me stop, smile and reminisce. A simple question: 'when was the last time you climbed a tree?' sparked a few blissful moments of nostalgia. 

Life Offscreen Post

In truth, it wasn't that long ago since I scrabbled up a tree because I like to earn my playful title. Since creating an online home that centres around finding a playful moment in everyday, I've been struck by the many opportunities there are to be a lot wilder and a little less contained. My online friend, Bryony agrees and she blogs about yoga, trail running, bike rides and more. Her instagram is full of cartwheels and views of the sea near her home. 

It's safe to say we hit it off immediately. 

Life Offscreen

Thus started 'The Life Offscreen Project', a simple action that we hope will cause a ripple effect encouraging more people to get outside and off their screens. The idea is really simple:

- send a snail mail reminder to a friend to get out & enjoy some seasonal activities

- Use your mail as a prompt to notice the little things, to gather and share some outdoor inspiration

Over the coming weeks you''ll start noticing other bloggers joining in with us and little pieces of mail being shared that we hope inspires others to live life on a slightly wilder side. You don't have to sign up and no one is going to hold you accountable. This is your moment to share and discover. If you have taken part in the project though, we would love to hear from you!

To start you off, we've gathered some of our other freedom seeking friends to help us create a Pinterest board with plenty inspiration for a Life Offscreen. 

See you on Instagram? #lifeoffscreen.

Seaweed Jelly....

.... or how I tricked the Playful Tot into eating something green. 

Despite the roaring start we made to the introduction of solids, the Playful Tot has settled into a stereotypical pattern of most toddlers: carbs are awesome, yoghurt is addictive but vegetables are to be distrusted. Nothing good ever came of eating vegatables. Unless it's peas. If it's peas, put those on the plate by the fistful please and thank you Mummy. 

Awesome Veggie Nuggets (click through for the recipe I started out with)

Awesome Veggie Nuggets (click through for the recipe I started out with)

I have tried hiding broccoli in mash, spinach in nuggets and smothered green beans in parmesan cheese. Nothing. She viewed the mash with suspicion and ate merrily through the nuggets, picking out pieces of spinach as she found it before flinging it across the room to land, unloved on the sofa. As for the beans? She handed those back to put on my plate. It doesn't get clearer than that does it?

Then I pondered her fruit and pudding addiction, her new found appreciation for sensory play and came up with the idea of smoothie jelly. BINGO.  

It was simpler than I thought. One sachet of gelatine powder added to a warmed pan of green smoothie and whisked till there was no lumps. A few hours in the fridge and everything was ready to play with. I decided if some got eaten in this first foray, it would be considered a bonus. 

The results were surprisingly good......

Based on the success of this, I've had a hunt round for further ideas and found this lovely page for inspiration. Now to work out how to get Brussel Sprouts into smoothie form...... perhaps not. 

La La check over

Today in my Facebook feed there are numerous women posting selfies of themselves wearing no make up in the hope of raising awareness of Breast Cancer. It's a thing going around and amongst the comments of 'oh you look amazing without make up', I've yet to see anyone mention this simple thing: CHECK YOUR BOOBS. I'm all about awareness raising (Hello Movember) but let's get real here, make up is not the issue. 

So today is all about checking your breasts. 

I spent this week waiting for news from a friend who found a lump. Two years ago I found a lump and received excellent care from the Macmillan Cancer team who were all too aware that I had a baby growing in my belly. I was lucky. Another of my friends is currently living a longer and more complicated story than mine and I hope, really hope that this one has a lucky ending too.  Despite these 3 horror stories I'm still rubbish at remembering to check on a regular basis and whenever such prompts crop up, I do remember and if it's the wrong time of the month, I set an alarm to remind myself. 

Here's a handy dandy image to help show you what to do. if you click on it, you'll be whizzed through to a breast examination advice page. 




psssssst. Fellas, don't think I've forgotten you. Linkage for you too is right here x