Seaweed Jelly....

.... or how I tricked the Playful Tot into eating something green. 

Despite the roaring start we made to the introduction of solids, the Playful Tot has settled into a stereotypical pattern of most toddlers: carbs are awesome, yoghurt is addictive but vegetables are to be distrusted. Nothing good ever came of eating vegatables. Unless it's peas. If it's peas, put those on the plate by the fistful please and thank you Mummy. 

Awesome Veggie Nuggets (click through for the recipe I started out with)

Awesome Veggie Nuggets (click through for the recipe I started out with)

I have tried hiding broccoli in mash, spinach in nuggets and smothered green beans in parmesan cheese. Nothing. She viewed the mash with suspicion and ate merrily through the nuggets, picking out pieces of spinach as she found it before flinging it across the room to land, unloved on the sofa. As for the beans? She handed those back to put on my plate. It doesn't get clearer than that does it?

Then I pondered her fruit and pudding addiction, her new found appreciation for sensory play and came up with the idea of smoothie jelly. BINGO.  

It was simpler than I thought. One sachet of gelatine powder added to a warmed pan of green smoothie and whisked till there was no lumps. A few hours in the fridge and everything was ready to play with. I decided if some got eaten in this first foray, it would be considered a bonus. 

The results were surprisingly good......

Based on the success of this, I've had a hunt round for further ideas and found this lovely page for inspiration. Now to work out how to get Brussel Sprouts into smoothie form...... perhaps not. 

Handspun Heaven

Right before Christmas, I received a package that can only be described as an early Christmas present. Nestled amongst samples of Lo-Lo hand balms, David's teas and some pretty yummy chocolates were these two fabulous skeins. Let me tell you, pictures in the current monsoon weather we're enjoying, do NOT do them justice.

This has left me with two dilemmas. First, what on earth should I knit with them? I adore handspun but thus far it's all gone into the 'Golden Stash', the collection of skeins too precious to pick the perfect project for. I do not want this to happen but yet.... they're perfection itself. Any ideas?

The second problem is the issue of how does one reciprocate? I want something so amazingly mind blowing that the person knows how much I understand the value of handspun.

I wonder how much Benedict Cumberbatch is going for these days?