MEalong aka the along that changed names

Sometimes you have this growing feeling that things are about to change. This time it was the knitalong. First there was a post about using more than one skein as long as they were partials. Then yardage. Then stripes. Then stripes that definitely called for 2 skeins. By this point I was wondering if I'd been mean saying 'just one little skein'. Then I was watching The Knitgirllls podcast and Leslie and Laura pointed out that selfish knitting sounds unpleasant. Like knitting for yourself is a bad thing. It's not! 

So I listened, I pondered and I CHANGED THE KNITALONG. Yes, 5 days in and I'm changing stuff already. These things happen. Roll with them I say. 

The Selfish Single Skein along is now the MEalong and here's more information just to clarify:

It's time to get indulgent.....

  • You can squeak in just a little single skeinner in all that gift knitting, ah go on!
  • Use this KAL as a much needed calm inviting place from all the crazy that can be the holiday build up
  • SSSalong (that I can’t say anyway) just became #MEalong
  • Anything between 200 yards and 800 yards counts
  • Cast on was 21st November so no wips please!
  • Entries by Christmas Eve 
  • There will be prizes- whoop!
Jane  by Jane Richmond is my pattern choice

Jane by Jane Richmond is my pattern choice

Got it? Good. Now come tell me what you're knitting. I still haven't caked my yarn. Whoops!