Sending Out Some Cardboard Hugs!

Wow when you guys reach out, you reach out!

I'm in awe, thank you to every single person who took the time to let me know they were there after reading Monday's post. I haven't felt so empowered in a while. I'm so grateful for this amazing community. THANK YOU. 

It's been such an unexpected year in so many ways. When I started An Inspired 2015, I was so excited about what I would learn on the way and I hoped people would want to get involved too. Seeing handwritten letters pop up from our Love Letter Swap and so many bloggers rising to the challenge of Falling (back) in Love with their blog has been incredible. 

For the love of snail mail #aninspired2015

So today I'm celebrating by sending out my 'cardboard hugs'. I have new pen pals that need replies, some friends I just want to drop in and say hi to and some goodies to send because yarn in the mail is awesome right? Knowing that someone will find a little piece of happiness on their doorstep this week is great motivation. It feels a little like 'giving back' after the positive messages of support I received this week.  

Our exclusive Volume 1 card designed by  Tilly Flop  in response to the 'Just a Card' campaign

Our exclusive Volume 1 card designed by Tilly Flop in response to the 'Just a Card' campaign

If you're sending out mail this week will you do me a favour? Will you tag me on social media with a picture? I'd love to see some real mail and happy intentions. If you've tucked your Volume 1 cards somewhere for safe keeping, let's make this week the week we send a smile in the post! Oh and you can let me know if you've received anything too- I want to see those smiles because it makes me so genuinely happy that we're knitting this community together. 

Just a Card campaign

Also, don't forget that if you bought your card locally and supported a maker, tag it with #justacard too because that is a message I want to see loud and proud everywhere. If you missed the details of this global campaign with very local implications, please click here

Stay playful!


Just a Card

The joy of a handwritten card or note is something I've already passed on to the Tot. My family take great delight in dropping little cards to her in the mail that she greets with glee upon discovery. We mail out little masterpieces she's created and so when I thought about hosting a letter swap, I felt sure it would inspire lots of other people too. 

Something caught my eye while I was noodling around on the internet recently that made me think further about the importance of a card. 'Just A Card' is a new campaign being led by the very talented Sarah Hamilton and supported by Mollie Makes magazine as well as The Design Trust. It's a simple idea- buying a card (or other little trinket) on the highstreet might be just the action we could all take in order to support some of our favourite shops and galleries. 

Just a Card poster

I'm really excited about this campaign and will be following along and sharing my little purchases and using the hashtag #Justacard too. 

Perhaps your letter swap might include something fun and local to spread this message further?

Treasured Memories: A Love Letter Swap

Ah the joy of a handwritten letter, a stamp, some special stationary and connecting with someone far away.... bliss!

While thinking about this month's theme of Treasured Memories, I thought a lot about the many years I spent in my from childhood to early twenties writing letters. If I wanted to connect with someone, truly meaningfully, I wrote. I spent years swapping letters with a few pen pals in particular. All that seems to have ended with a digital age where I reach out via facebook, instant message or email these days. 

(Well, that and the fact that one of the pen friends grew into the dreamiest marine and declared his undying love. I was in my early twenties and ill prepared for such confessions by someone so outrageously beautiful. Muttering something about 'friendship' I sensed our letter writing days might have taken on a tad too much romance...)

I disgress

handwritten letter

I shall be hosting a handwritten letter swap to celebrate the joy of giving and receiving mail in the post and I'd love it if you joined in. Sign ups can be found in the Ravelry group but if you're not a member of Ravelry, please do email me and I can send you the sign up gateway (ah tech always finds a way back in!)

Sign ups will close on the 12th February 2015 and you will receive a friend to write to on the 14th- how romantic!

You can write about anything you like but here are some of the suggestions we've had so far:

- Write about your knitting story

- Write about a latest creative project

- Write about the area you live

- Write about what your average day looks like

- Share a special memory 

- What else inspires you? (not just your knitting!)


I hope you join us and if you are a letter writing fan, be sure to check out 'A Month of Letters'. This is a challenge that runs across February to mail a letter everyday. I adore this idea and has inspired me to buy some stamps later and get mailing with the Playful Tot to teach her the joy of giving and receiving mail!