Sockupied Spring 2015

Do you love knitting socks?

I've always been a knitted sock fan so when Amy Palmer, editor of Knitccene and Sockupied issued a call out for reviews of Sockupied, I waved my hand enthusiastically. I'd been vaguely aware of the existence of this sock loving publication but hadn't really got to grips with it. Amy sent through the Spring 2015 edition and asked me what I thought. Here's what I found:

The Highlights:

A good balance of patterns and articles (5 socks, 2 articles and a couple of other fun things). The images are really supportive so you get plenty of sock pictures where you can see the construction and stitch patterns. 

This is a digital only publication. Previously, you downloaded an app on your ipad or straight onto your desktop to keep the file. Now it's gone PDF which means you can have it on whatever device you want. This is much better for knitters on the go and those of us who don't want paper patterns cluttering our already fit to burst houses. 

Mill Ends Socks  by M K Nance

Mill Ends Socks by M K Nance

The Patterns:

I liked the mix of skills I would need to make any of these socks. Each had a range of sizing and written as well as charted instructions. I was glad to see names I know like Rachel Coopey and Kate Atherley but also be introduced to less familiar to me designers like Mone Drager. This is for the sock enthusiast- plenty of techniques to work through and explore. 

Chain Socks  by Mone Drager

Chain Socks by Mone Drager

I also particularly liked the fact that there was a good mix of commercial versus independent hand dyed yarn. I know I go for crazy variegated for my feet because it's fun but I like to have a mixture to look at and see how something looks in a solid tone versus a self striping for example. It's good to see a bigger company like Interweave champion hand dyers. It can be hard to support with non repeatable colours but I feel like sock knitters are particularly drawn to hand dyers for their wild colours and fun. It was a good fit. 

The Articles:

I loved Kate Atherley's in depth look at how to modify knee high socks. I am now sorely tempted as I made one pair that sagged woefully and deemed them too much effort. Her clear explanation and the fact the supporting pattern is in speedier sport weight has me tempted, I won't lie. 

Kate Atherley's  Washington State Knee Socks

I wasn't as sure about the designer feature initially as it began with a very familiar format: introduce the designer (Coopknits), summarise their publications but then...? There was an insight into her favourite cocktails and shoes she likes to wear to showcase her socks; I really liked this! I tend to find I want something really in depth about a designer that goes deeper than a summary of their work or something different. This hit the spot. 

Laith Socks  by Rachel Coopey

Laith Socks by Rachel Coopey

Food For Thought:

I wasn't sold on the cut out and keep graphics on the final page. It seemed printer heavy to me even if it was meant as a bit of fun (the idea was a bit like a paper doll where you dressed a pair of feet with the socks from the publication). 

If you're a sock fan and want to get your download of Sockupied Spring 2015, you can do so at the Interweave store

Tune in this weekend for a sock based podcast and an interview from Amy Palmer, the editor of Sockupied!

Tell Me a Story of An FO

A couple of episodes ago in the podcast, I got very nostalgic about my knitting and kind of walked everyone through some of my top ten projects. It was fun to look back and got such a great reaction from everyone, with stories to tell and memories to smile at, that I thought I might feature an FO a month and tell its story. 

Sometime you knit things just for the love of the yarn. Sometimes you knit for the necessity of warmth or celebrating a birthday or event. Sometimes you knit something because you want instant gratification. These socks were knit with just that reason: quick gratification. 

(c) A Playful Day

(c) A Playful Day

I was in the middle of a big transition in my life- waiting for a rental flat to become available and most of my stash had gone into storage along with most of my belongings. I held back some speedy projects that I could use to cheer me up with quick success while I crossed off days in my calendar and swung between trips to my parents, friends guest rooms and the odd sofa or two. These things happen. 

(c) Star Athena

(c) Star Athena

One of the stash prizes I'd pulled out was Brown Sheeps Lamb's Pride Superwash Sport in the Cornflower Blue colourway. I figured a sportweight sock would swish by as I take forever to knit socks. I picked up some stash magazines and settled on Kimono Socks by Star Athena that featured in the Fall 2008 issue of Knitscene. 

These were indeed a fast and satisfying knit. I loved the little icord ribbons and the yarnovers made it easy to read my knitting so really, I hardly looked at the pattern other than to check progress and the heel. I gave these away to a dear knit friend but I'd happily make them again. Especially sportweight, oh boy they're so much quicker (and snugglier)!

A really satisfying wip

A really satisfying wip

I rarely work from magazines despite gobbling up issues I love. Writing this post has actually reminded me that I own some amazing patterns and need to look back on my collections more. I quite often pull out old issues to browse through, a bit like a favourite recipe book. Do you do that?

Come celebrate some of your favourite socks and sock yarns over in the playful group- it's dangerously enabling over there folks! Happy Socktober!