Colour Infatuation

I think I have a problem..

green yarn inspirations

A quick look through the last 5 projects and the next two confirmed it: I'm in a green phase. If you asked me what colour I love more than anything I'll answer 'GREY' in a shot but the green on my needles is telling a different story. 

First there's the garter stitch 'wearable blanket' I'm plodding through...

green garter stitch work in progress

I'm a sucker for garter stitch too. I just love the way it looks but I will admit, I'm craving something other than plain knit. It might be time to break out this green and plain knit rut!

green sweater wip

Yes, that's my second wip- a sweater I've cast on 8 times. EIGHT! I'm not a fan of ribbing either so it's been like some sort of crafter's torture to keep redoing it. 

If you want to know more details about these green projects, I'll be chatting about them in next week's podcast but for today I just wanted to illustrate how out of control green appears to have got in my making. I decided I should look into my wardobe and see what I am planning on pairing all this green with. 

green clothes & accessories

Yep. 3 items of green. It seems I don't actually wear green? I'm going to style this out as my creative right or something. Next winter, my wardrobe is clearly getting a big green thumbs up!


A Sweater a Season KAL

Happy New Year! Looking back on my Ravelry notes, it would seem that I am most likely to cast on a sweater in January. It must be something about starting a fresh new year, enough months of cold and enough still to go that I believe I can still knit it in time to wear it. I rarely finish more than one a year but there was a suggestion in the Playful group for a year long sweater KAL that I was convinced by! Will I complete 4 adult sized sweaters? Doubtful. I will, however, have fun!

So in case you've resolved to knit more sweaters in 2015, or wish to join us, I just spent a glorious few days collecting these fab tips and tutorials, all for free, on the internet. Don't you love bloggers who provide such excellent advice? Here's a roundup of some of my fav tips and techniques for getting started with sweater knitting aka how to know it's going to fit!


Flax by TinCanKnits (click on image for pattern link)

Flax by TinCanKnits (click on image for pattern link)


I love everything about this duo from their designs to their inspirational newsletters to their tutorials. In this freebie that ties into the free Flax design, they walk you through step by step, how to knit your first sweater. If you've never knit a sweater, especailly one in the round, this would familiarise you will all the jargon and how best to set about tackling those pattern instructions. It's truly brilliant.



A great blog post all about swatching. The fact she measures repeatedly gave me definite food for thought and she has links to some master knitters she learned from too. A great entry point into why swatching is important. 


Amy Herzog

Queen of the well fitted, custom made sweater. If there's any class I want to do in 2015, it's Amy's custom fit class. I selected from a few goodies she has for you- sizing. I often feel daunted at the point I choose what size I should knit as I'm almost always between sizes. Amy is showing us how to do it. Fear not. 



On bras, getting measured and getting things right underneath that sweater you've just custom fit to your shape. Ladies, are you wearing the right bra? 


Andi modelling Marion (click through link)

Andi modelling Marion (click through link)

Untangling Knots

I adore Andi's blog and have followed it for YEARS. It goes beyond her amazing ability to wear red lipstick without it smudging because this girl can teach you all you need to know about your knitting. The blog post I've chosen to help you get started is understanding ease and she includes information on how to use the schematic in the pattern to work out what's right for you. Brilliant. 


So that's how I'm getting started and I just need to cake my yarn and get measuring and swatching! What will you be casting on?

With a Hint of Autumn Comes Sweaters

There's something about the faint hint of Autumn in the air that makes me quiver with knitterly excitement. It's gone from 'oh-my-word-I-actually-think-I'm-felting-this-yarn-as-I-knit' hot to slightly cooler in the mornings and yesterday I reached for socks. Yes, Autumn is coming and so begins a fresh knitting season. I personally LOVE this moment in time where it's still warm but there's an air of change and a hint of pumpkin, leaf fall and snuggly layers in the breeze. 

It's perfect timing then that I worked to finish a sweater for the Playful Tot. I'm dreadful at finishing off knits so I made myself pull out this little sweater and get some buttons on after a bath as soon as I saw potential for wearing it. The Tot is thrilled. 

Hine in Lush Worsted 

Hine in Lush Worsted 

The design is 'Hine' by Kelly Brooker and I'm pretty pleased with the way it turned out. Being a robust little thing, I aimed to knit this with room to grow for the Tot as she's already sporting 2 year plus clothes and not yet hit this milestone birthday (where is time going?!?!?) It came out just right- roomy but ready to wear already so this will hopefully go right through to Spring now. I think this pattern is great for layering which I'm fairly sure is a must for toddlers, or at least it is mine. 

Hine in Lush Worsted

Hine in Lush Worsted

The yarn is Lush Worsted from The Uncommon Thread in the 'Bois' colourway. I love it. It's deep and moody enough to be a tad grown up and add interest to each stitch but warm and rich enough not to make a little girl look too serious. The base fluffs up nicely for a bath too so I think it'll be nice and warm on those chillier mornings. 

The best part was the buttons. I have a much maligned button box that got some serious attention. 3 little buttons with a spare just in case were found that I think are just perfect. What do you think?

Hine in Lush Worsted

Hine in Lush Worsted

You can see more lovely pictures and further project notes here on Ravelry. 

Winter Sweater and May Day Sun

As always, I have spectacular timing. Just as we're gearing up for barbecues and Pimms, I finish and block my chunky weight winter sweater!

Hickory by Cecily Glowik Macdonald

Hickory by Cecily Glowik Macdonald

The pattern is Hickory by one of my favourite sweater designers, Cecily Glowik Macdonald The yarn is Debbie Bliss Cashmerino Chunky which is now discontinued and I have to say while it's hardwearing, I'm not over the moon about the self imploding/ knotty balls they were wound into- nightmare! I harvested this chunky weight from my first ever sweater. The pattern was called Nati and you basically knit a giant cross with a hole in the middle to put your neck through and stitched up the sides. I thought this was ideal till I actually wore it and realised that it was too short in length and the sleeves were totally impractical.  

Nati by Lucy Hulett

Nati by Lucy Hulett

I realised this only got worn round the house on snow days. Not exactly getting an outing was it? So I pondered the best solution. It either had to be a chunky weight jacket with long sleeves I wore as a coat or a sleeveless number for cold days over tees and under coats. With not enough yardage for the first, I selected Hickory and got to swatching. 

sweater 2.jpg

The biggest challenge for me with this sweater was actually the reverse stockinette the original pattern calls for. That was the first modification I made as my tension when I purl and ability to tolerate that much purl just made that a no go. I got gauge and dropped a boundary line of purls along the lace sections to make them pop a little more. I tried it on as I went and opted for a snugger fit as I wanted this under coats rather than a little boxier as shown in the pattern pages. 

I can see me getting much more use out of this now. I even had some leftovers to make a chunky weight hat but I might be a little fed up with knitting brown and the weather is getting warmer which mean I'm contemplating shawls again. I do think I could get into chunky sweater knits though, particularly with a simple lace to break it up, add interest but still be nice and speedy!

You can see more details here on my Ravelry page. 


What have you finished lately?