Wips and Blooms.... & a New Co-Host!


August wips&blooms- Cornflowers, 'The Concise British Flora in Colour' & 'Lapsang' by Clare Devine using GingerTwistStudios. 

August wips&blooms- Cornflowers, 'The Concise British Flora in Colour' & 'Lapsang' by Clare Devine using GingerTwistStudios. 

A moment to pause. To reflect. To acknowledge the details of what we are making and crafting. To notice time is passing and enjoy process. 

Image by Katie Robbins

Image by Katie Robbins

For many of us who make, craft and create on a daily basis, we can often be tempted to only share what has worked or the great reveal of our finished piece. Making is a process that can be short or long and along the way we can change direction or abandon an idea entirely in favour of choosing a new path. We make decisions and life happens around us as we work stitches, sketch ideas and prepare our materials. All of those decisions, all of those moments, go into our work as we work steadily each season, working towards completion. 

Wips and Blooms is a celebration of process and creativity and I am thrilled to have the very talented Katie Robbins joining with me to host this hashtag. Katie is a ceramic lover and maker who has already shared so many beautiful glimpses behind the scenes as she crafts her pieces that I knew this was growing a momentum I wanted to capture when I saw her wipsandblooms shared above.

When we make, we nourish a creative need and in this meditative activity, we can easily lose track of time. We hope you too will note the seasonal changes and share some on the many steps you worked through in your own crafting each month. 

wips&blooms collage

Joining us is simple. Take a snap of your work in progress (wip) and your seasonal bloom. Tag us both (@aplayfulday & @ceramicmagpie) and use the hashtag #wipsandblooms so we can easily find one another. it isn't about perfection. It's about focusing on the steps we've taken in our collective quests for creativity. A flash of new colour in the garden or in a vase can often remind us how much time has passed. We want to capture that, together. 

Each month, both Katie and I will be sharing a selection of our favourites on our blogs as well as instagram. We can't wait to see what you're making!

Tell Me a Story of An FO

A couple of episodes ago in the podcast, I got very nostalgic about my knitting and kind of walked everyone through some of my top ten projects. It was fun to look back and got such a great reaction from everyone, with stories to tell and memories to smile at, that I thought I might feature an FO a month and tell its story. 

Sometime you knit things just for the love of the yarn. Sometimes you knit for the necessity of warmth or celebrating a birthday or event. Sometimes you knit something because you want instant gratification. These socks were knit with just that reason: quick gratification. 

(c) A Playful Day

(c) A Playful Day

I was in the middle of a big transition in my life- waiting for a rental flat to become available and most of my stash had gone into storage along with most of my belongings. I held back some speedy projects that I could use to cheer me up with quick success while I crossed off days in my calendar and swung between trips to my parents, friends guest rooms and the odd sofa or two. These things happen. 

(c) Star Athena

(c) Star Athena

One of the stash prizes I'd pulled out was Brown Sheeps Lamb's Pride Superwash Sport in the Cornflower Blue colourway. I figured a sportweight sock would swish by as I take forever to knit socks. I picked up some stash magazines and settled on Kimono Socks by Star Athena that featured in the Fall 2008 issue of Knitscene. 

These were indeed a fast and satisfying knit. I loved the little icord ribbons and the yarnovers made it easy to read my knitting so really, I hardly looked at the pattern other than to check progress and the heel. I gave these away to a dear knit friend but I'd happily make them again. Especially sportweight, oh boy they're so much quicker (and snugglier)!

A really satisfying wip

A really satisfying wip

I rarely work from magazines despite gobbling up issues I love. Writing this post has actually reminded me that I own some amazing patterns and need to look back on my collections more. I quite often pull out old issues to browse through, a bit like a favourite recipe book. Do you do that?

Come celebrate some of your favourite socks and sock yarns over in the playful group- it's dangerously enabling over there folks! Happy Socktober!

Shawl Fever

There is an affliction that I am currently in the full grip of. It lurks beneath the surface and when you are feeling the most desperate for something to knit, something to love and stash to release into a new life, it hits. There's nothing you can do. 

Yes, I have shawl fever. 

I went from having nil inspiration to ALL the inspiration and now everywhere I look, I see shawls. Walking through meadow gardens earlier with the Tot, I found myself thinking of colour possibilities for shawls I'd fallen in love with. My eyes are drawn constntly to new and old shawl patterns and I'm head over heels in love with the idea of a new shawl draped around my shoulders. 

So I cast on...

.... and there's more on the way. 

This could be bad. I might need more needles.