The Maker's Year is a creativity and sustainable living challenge with a seasonal focus. It is open to every person who wishes to join me on this journey by documenting their daily making in 2016. You can participate via your blogs, Instagram, Twitter, Steller and Pinterest by sharing your projects and what making means to you. 

The Maker's Year

The Maker's Year (#themakersyear) began from a yearning for more reflective time to focus on my own daily making habits as well as carving out time to increase my craft skills. The Maker's Year also reflects my growing commitment to sustainable living that impacts our environment as little as possible. I decided to focus on projects, practical ideas and crafts from many different fields and talking about how I fit them into our daily lives in a way that nourishes and enriches, not weighs down. By connecting my making to a seasonal calendar, sourcing locally and working with the season's best as much as possible, I hope to learn more about my local community and discover exactly what is on offer each month. Along the way I hope to find new voices and stories from others who will share their skills and lessons with us and share them here as much as possible. The aim is to encourage every person to think about little differences in their lives that can have a massive impact in our day to day and documenting that in a way that is useful and inspiring for others. 

This journey is not about driving further divisions between the words making, crafting or art but instead allowing a simple act of creativity the room to grow without hangup or uncertainty. Throughout podcasting and blogging I have constantly met with an idea that a Creative Identity is something that feels very out of reach for many people. I have often heard stories from people who feel that their life doesn't contain the freedom, structure or resources necessary in order to create. What felt even worse to me was listeners and readers identify feelings of inadequacy which stems from a myth that high level skills are required for art or crafting. I would love to break down this barrier by documenting day to day moments of creativity that spring from very simple, seasonal resources and ideas and show that my creativity might not look like your creativity and that is ok. 

craft and making

What counts as making? 

Any activity that keeps you creative and practical. From photography to upcycling, gardening to writing, weaving to baking. This challenge is about the act of using our hands and tools and taking the time to document and reflect what that means. Consider it a measured focus on the small things that build to a larger, craftier whole. 

It doesn't matter if you have wonderful photography or writing skills, make the start and join the movement. My hope is that this forms a habit that grows into something empowering for every person who participates. It can be as simple as a Twitter post of an idea. Every contribution counts. What you consider to be part of a creative habit is part of The Maker's Year so your ideas may not focus on just the project in hand but also the way you carved out the time in your week or sourced materials. Demonstrating to others what keeps your creativity alive is exactly the kind of stories that help remind us of the barriers we break down in the act of Making. 

So pick up your cameras, write your hearts out and share your making and if you do, please tag me (@aplayfulday) because I would love to see and share with this community. By using the hashtag #themakersyear I hope we can all connect and find new to us ideas that spark moments in our own lives for nurturing ourselves and growing skills that help us build a life that feels meaningful and exciting. 


Ideas to help you start (via Pinterest)

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