Wips and Blooms


A moment to pause. To reflect. To acknowledge the details of what we are making and crafting. To notice time is passing and enjoy process. 

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What is Wips and Blooms? 

Wips and Blooms is a celebration of process and creativity that takes place each month on Instagram. Hosted by myself (@aplayfulday) and Katie Robbins of @ceramicmagpie,  this is a join in for Makers and Creatives who love celebrating the seasons through their craft. 


For many of us who make, craft and create on a daily basis, we can often be tempted to only share what has worked or the great reveal of our finished piece. Making is a process that can be short or long and along the way we can change direction or abandon an idea entirely in favour of choosing a new path. We make decisions and life happens around us as we work stitches, sketch ideas and prepare our materials. All of those decisions, all of those moments, go into our work as we work steadily each season, working towards completion. 


When we make, we nourish a creative need and in this meditative activity, we can easily lose track of time. We hope you too will note the seasonal changes and share some of the many steps you worked through in your own crafting each month. 

 image via @ceramicmagpie

image via @ceramicmagpie

How can I join in?

Joining us is simple. Take a snap of your work in progress (wip) and your seasonal bloom. Tag us both (@aplayfulday & @ceramicmagpie) and use the hashtag #wipsandblooms so we can easily find one another. It isn't about perfection. It's about focusing on the steps we've taken in our collective quests for creativity. A flash of new colour in the garden or in a vase can often remind us how much time has passed. We want to capture that, together. 

Each month, both Katie and I share a selection of our favourites on our blogs as well as Instagram. We can't wait to see what you're making!

You can see previous entries either via the hashtag #wipsandblooms on Instagram or via our Pinterest board, Wips and Blooms

 Previous collaboration with Wild and Bloom

Previous collaboration with Wild and Bloom

How can I be a part of the monthly collaborations?

We have been lucky enough to work with various maker businesses and bloggers as prize sponsors each month. Previous collaborators include:

If you'd like to be a part of our monthly celebration, please do drop me a line via the usual address (helloATaplayfuldayDOTcom.)